January 23, 2012

These two are the best of friends, but they sure do fight! True was only 15 months when Brave was born, so she doesn’t know what life is like without her.
I am the oldest of four. My brother is next in line, but I have two little sisters. We are grown now and are the best of friends, even if I am 7 and 10 years older than them. We have lots of fun together and we especially wreak havoc shopping together, though my parents aren’t so happy about that cause it usually is at their expense. Yes, even now. But can a father really say no to his daughters?!! Good luck, Ben!

I spent all day today hanging out with my sisters and some friends all in celebration for the middle’s sister’s last hurrah as a single lady. It was such a good day filled with adventure and now the next adventure on the list will be the wedding in less than two weeks. So much to do, but so little time!
I may be biased because I have two sisters and all my girls know is having sisters, but I think sisters are especially sweet. Don’t you?
p.s. brother, we love you just as much!!!

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