the place we called home

March 13, 2009

During college, I had the privilege of studying abroad in London with my best friend, Linda. The place we called home was a cute little flat known as  “Cromwell House.” 
It was such a special time there. I loved the constant traveling, bounty of shopping, and the fact you had to walk if you wanted to get somewhere (oh and school was good too!). I have mentioned this before, but my first love of art was through drawing and sketching. I used to just draw and sketch all the time, though they rarely resulted in a framed piece (I have very few of those).  Several years ago, I drew the place we called home for those few months and gave it to Lin as a birthday present…
cromwell house
I had so much fun drawing a place that held so many wonderful feelings and memories as this was my first real time away from home. I fondly remember looking out that large flat window and missing home, but at the same time, being unbelievably grateful for the opportunity to live there. We had a lot of good memories… lots of fun times, semi-crazy ones too (just semi- as I am still pretty square). 
Now, several years later from our galavant through London and that drawing, I wanted to give her something else that was reminiscent of our special time. I commissioned the overwhelmingly talented artist, Sam from mummysam, to recreate our  “Cromwell House.” I think she did a mighty fine job in capturing it…
cromwell house as made by mummysam
She even got the teal-green-ish colored door just perfect (I gave her a colored picture, but sorry can’t tell from my black & white drawing) and look at the lettering of the restaurant, perfection again! Sam is so, so amazing…
I loved the little house so much that it was kinda hard to give away (but I am glad Lin has it), though now I just can’t wait to have my own. I so wish I could go back to London, but this time with my family in tow. Seriously, kissing my Ben by the Big Ben, now that is perfection! How wonderful would that be! Never know, maybe one day I will be back…
Also, excuse my recent absence here. My sister-in-law was here (combined with my mac being out) and we travailed all through southern California. I have so many fun moments to share, but now I working and the shop will be opening soon… really. Next week, that is my goal. 
Oh and remember our “photo fun party,” well, here are the results of the photobooth pictures… enjoy! They are hilariously funny and my sister and her boy love taking pictures. Here is one of my favorites (it’s True and the birthday boy and some other kid I don’t know)…
Hello again everyone! Hope you are still there.
p.s. Linda reminded me of how freaky that large window could get too. Sometimes, it would just lift up all by itself (I don’t think that is normal). Though, on a good note, we saw the queen drive by through there too!

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  • Rubyellen, your sketch is amazing!!! You are certainly a multi-talented artist. I hope you've been having a great week. I'm so happy for the weekend to roll around (I'm running a 5k race though – yikes!). Those photobooth pictures are so fun. What a great idea. I love the spirit of community, family, and love, that your pictures capture. Take care & enjoy your Friday!

  • melindakimbo says:

    omg. I’M GETTING USED TO MY NEW COMPUTER! I just wrote a long comment, and NOW IT’S GONE! Yes, I’m saying hello from my NEW MACBOOK! 🙂

    you forgot to mention the creepy window. remember how it would just open by itself!??!?! or remember we’d be sitting by the window and see the queen drive by?! good times. NOW THAT I HAVE A NEW SCANNER, i’ll scan our J.M. pix…. so the blogging world can see that we are bff’s with him 🙂

    love yah bff

  • Rosalind says:

    What a clever one you are! Love the sketch. I also LOVE the photobooth idea… my hubby turns 30 this year and I am filing away great ideas… I really, really love this one. And does anyone in your family take a bad picture!!??!

  • mrs.deane says:

    Hey Ruby :O)

    I am almost embarrassed to say that I just spent at least five minutes viewing all – yes ALL – of the photo booth pictures, even though I only know you. Seriously, what a great idea! And those pictures turned out so wonderfully. Your sister ought to consider modeling, because out of the hundreds she was in, I didn’t see a single “bad shot”. Lucky doll! Why can’t it be that way for all of us???

    Anyway. My favorite shot of all was the close up of True with… I’m not sure who, but he looks like a friendly guy. You know, the one where she is wearing the headband that says “let your sham rock”. Or is it “make your sham rock”? Anyway. That one rules!

    Love the medium stickers on the highschool musical shirt! Ha ha!

    Okay, that’s enough commentary from me for now. Glad to hear mycakies will be back up soon :O) You know I’m craving some!

    Love, Susan

  • Erin says:

    Wow, that little house is amazing. She did a great job! And the photobooth pics are such a great idea.

  • Rubyellen says:

    susan- yes my sister is definitely not camera shy. she makes me realize i need a hair cut! good thing i have a sister as a hairstylist.

    that friendly guy is my brother. my girls have only one uncle…

    linnea- oh! good luck on the 5k. i wish i could do something like that, but i just don’t have the stamina!

  • What an amazing rendition of the house both in drawing (I love your drawing!) and in stuffiness! 🙂

  • sammi says:

    thank you Ruby for such a wonderful post!! What a lovely way to start the day 🙂 thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  • Becky says:

    Great sketch, love the newer plush rendition as well.

    Ah, I love my life, but I do have to admit I miss travel…

  • Jessy says:

    This is cool, I love it when people study in my country and write about it in a way that makes me look at it with fresh eyes…thanks!

  • That sketch is absolutely amazing. What a gift.

  • This is so so great! linnea is right.

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