black, white, and silver

June 20, 2014

father's day 2014father's day 2014father's day 2014father's day 2014father's day 2014father's day 2014We all wore black, white, and silver on Father’s Day to show team spirit for our San Antonio Spurs. This was such big game and it was happening on Father’s Day. Ben is from San Antonio, Texas and I was raised by an anti-Laker in Southern California (my dad is a huge Boston Celtics fan), so you can imagine, we’re pretty much a perfect match!

father's day 2014father's day 2014father's day 2014 This was on Father’s Day and we celebrated by showing team spirit for the San Antonio Spurs, which is Ben’s favorite sport’s team (and us girls love them just as much too!). Since we didn’t get to give him his present at home, we brought it with us to give it to him while out. I got him his fave ray-ban aviators because I accidentally lost his; it slipped out of my purse while we were out somewhere.

Old Navy had all the black, white, and silver I was looking for, and I particularly loved Brave’s romper and her silver shoes. This is my first time wearing a romper and I liked it even though I kind of felt like an overgrown kid. The girls are also sporting some Hello Shiso goodies, which I first shared about here. Soul hates spaghetti straps or exposing too much of her shoulders, so she put a shirt on under; that girls has a style of her own! Brave was hilarious this day as she wore her sunglasses everywhere, even indoors.

We were bummed that morning since Ben wasn’t feeling well, but thankfully by the end of the evening, the body aches were gone and he was feeling himself again. I think his fave team winning a championship (and some meds) is a good cure for a stomach infection. His only Father’s Day request was to watch the game together and for the Spurs to win, so I think he was definitely treated like a champ that evening.

on me: romper, vintage from ms. tips. clogs, lotta from stockholmon true: teeshorts, c/o old navy. hair clip, hello shiso. shoes, shoebuy. on brave: romper and silver sandals, c/o old navy. bunny ears, hello shiso. on soul: shirt, misha lulu. dress and jellies, c/o old navy. bow headband, hello shiso. on glow: pineapple dress and silver sandals, c/o old navy.

This post is sponsored by Old Navy. I’m very grateful for your support and these opportunities! 


7 comments on “black, white, and silver”

  • Danica says:

    Haha love that you both aren’t fans of SoCal teams, pretty funny! My hubby loves the oakland A’s. (Bay Area) so I know when we have kids…that would be the best Father’s Day present ever for them all to wear green and good. Such a great idea ruby.

    PS I live in old navy clothes! They always have the cutest stuff but very simple and good quality. I swear i have old navy clothes that have lasted YEARS!

    Love, Danica

    • Rubyellen says:

      Yup, definitely not a fan of SoCal teams! lol. How did your husband become an A’s fan? Is he from up north?

      • Danica says:

        Long story short: he was a missionary kid and grew up in Hong Kong from infancy till adulthood. But when his parents were on furlough, they would go to San Francisco and visit supporting churches. He fell in love with the Bay Area and has been an oakland fan since he was a kid despite living in china! 🙂

  • Tanie says:

    The girls look adorable! I love Brave’s romper, I wanted to get it for my lil girl but it sold out in Canada T____T

  • nikki says:

    such cute little outfits!!


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