loving: hello shiso

June 4, 2014

helloshisoHave you heard of Hello Shiso? I love their super adorable hair goods! Obviously, since I started blogging to go along with my shop full of hair clips, I would have a soft spot for another mom who does the same. Mimi Tsang brings out the fun in accessorizing and along with her own lines of accessories, she has some other totally quirky hair things by other brands too (Soul would love this cat headband!). I totally love the modern feel the site has and the fun styling that’s going on, and those fruit hair clips totally hit a sweet spot for us!  True would totally be about bead bow headband, Brave would love the tulip clips (because it’s red like Spider-Man), and Glow just loves animals so the kitty clips would be her fave. Which one would be your fave?

Don’t forget if you want to make one some rosy posy felt clips, I have instructions for them right here.


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