polaroid tuesday: week thirty-two

August 11, 2009

This ride at the fair freaked us out. Something about being on strings on a swing, being swung round and round high up in the air (it was really high up, not like the normal low ones), makes me feel a bit unsteady. I used to be all about scary rides, but I think having kids changed me. Now, I am kinda chicken.
week thirty-two
Anyone else feel this way about scary or should I say, adventurous, rides?
And today is my Mommy’s birthday. I need a polaroid of her. Happy birthday Mom! I (we) love you!!!

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  • Happy Mama says:

    Oh, my, I agree about the scary rides. I used to be a roller-coaster addict. Now, I can barely look at pictures of the London Eye (Ferris wheel) without feeling a little bit faint.
    I think having kids makes you realise JUST how fragile life is? So, although being thrown around at goodness-knows-how-many-miles-an-hour is fun… it's also just a bit too risky.

    Either that, or it's a lifelong hangover from morning sickness!

    Karen (Scotland)
    (long time lurker but I don't comment often – your creativity and dedication overwhelm me!)

  • lol i totally agree i used to love crazy roller coasters and such now i try to stay away 🙂 BUT this picture is lovely!! i have a print of fair swings in my craft space it makes me smile!!
    adrienne K

  • That ride looks fabulous…although I too have become less adventurous in that department.

  • sharyl says:

    i don't have kids yet, but i noticed that as i get older, i'm less and less thrilled about rides. I used to loved those swings growing up, and now i wouldnt even look at it without getting dizzy….

  • I used to love that ride… although I probably would never get on it again! The ferris wheel at Santa Monica Pier was scary enough for me! And that pillow you made… genius! And adorable!!

  • joolee says:

    Haha, Yes, I'm right there with you as well! I've completely lost my edge in regards to rides like that! I used to be the first in line for just about any and everything crazy and adventurous. Now that I'm a mom, I worry about things WAY too much and even have bad dreams about bad things happening…*sigh* oh, for the carefree, worry-free and childless days… 🙂

  • I only this year started liking scary rides (and that only includes roller coasters; I'm still chicken about everything else) and even though I can't get enough of them, those swing rides freak me out!! It's terrifying. Especially if they're high.

    Also a few months ago I almost flew out of a different 'basic' ride so I'm a little paranoid now!!


  • Janessalynne says:

    haha oh my. that ride would probably freak me out as well… i LOVE rollercoarsters but HATE Farris wheels.

  • Prue says:

    I haven't been on any scary rides since having kids, but I did go on a bike for the first time since I was a kid recently. It didn't have back-pedal brakes and I was TERRIFIED!

  • rubi says:

    this picture turned out awesome!
    i love the dollhouse pillow, you make me excited to have kids someday. 🙂

  • Rubyellen says:

    i guess it is normal for us to lose a bit of our adventurous side when we have kids. nice to know i am not the only one who has become a chicken! 🙂

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