friday at last

October 16, 2009

Means another shop update and more of these lovely ladies and other goodies.
lovely ladies
I am hoping to get more good stuff in next week. Does anyone know where I can buy more time (and energy) for a day?
The weekend is up and I love weekends because my Ben is home. I love him being home. Last night, when we went to bed, I hugged him tight and he hugged me tight. I love being in his arms and falling asleep that way, though somehow we always manage to wake up on opposite sides of the bed. He is so handsome and I just love him too much!!! I don’t like it when he leaves for work, but I guess somebody’s got to pay the bills around here.
This weekend we are headed off to a pumpkin festival. It is our yearly family tradition to go and this time we are prepared with a wagon. Therefore, we will be able to lug some nice pumpkins home with us!
Here are some pictures from our previous years…
True's first halloween
(2006: True’s first time at the pumpkin patch)
our first trip to the pumpkin farm
(2006: family of three)
(2007: family of four)
(2008: Brave can walk around the pumpkins)
(2008: family of four)

I can’t believe how our little family has grown! Time flies when you’re having fun…
Had to do re-do giveaway winner, so check it here and come back tomorrow to welcome another fabulous sponsor!

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