palm springs aerial tram to mt. jacinto

February 23, 2016

This is our first official family outing with the BFF and her kids. They’re fostering and this is what we have always dreamed of … taking our kids for family adventures together. We headed up to Mt. Jacinto in Palm Springs via the aerial tram that takes you up 8,000 feet. Ben and John (BFF’s husband) are both scared of heights so they stayed together in middle of the tram while the rest of us enjoyed the views. The views were quite spectacular, and it was insane to think this small box suspended by cables was taking us up the mountains.

Linda, John, and I all came here when we were younger, but this was Ben’s first time (and probably his last). We went back in January after we got all that rain, so the mountain top was full of snow. Thankfully, we came prepared as I was able to borrow lots of snow gear from some friends. Thus, the girls were thoroughly able to enjoy frolicking in the snow. Some did have to wear rainboots with layers of socks (and wrapped with plastic bags), but I also brought lots of socks so they can keep changing them when their feet got wet.

We spent a few hours up there and the kids did lots of sledding, made many snow angels, and we made a bomb dot com snowman. Actually, Ben made it with the help of the older girls. Of course, we came prepared with a carrot to bring Olaf to life. The girls were so happy to see their snowman. They kept hugging him and saying “Warm hugs!”

For these Californian kids, the snow was full of magic. You could see the wonder in the eyes! I’m so thankful we were able to take them on this adventure (even if we had to wait 2 hours to finally ride the tram). As we left, we told them, “The next time you come up here will probably be when you’re grown and taking your own kids.” Their reply, “No! We will never grow up.” Yeah right kids, yeah right.

4 comments on “palm springs aerial tram to mt. jacinto”

  • Lindsey p says:

    I know I’ve been a long time reader because the startling thing about these pictures was seeing the girls in snow pants!

  • jen says:

    we went and did this after I saw your Instagram post (like we need another excuse to go to Palm Springs, lol). my husband and I realized that our five-year-old had never seen snow, so we kicked off his birthday extravaganza week with a quick day trip. thanks for the idea!!! we had no idea there was snow in Palm Springs.

    I’m like ben – totally afraid of heights and I freaked out even more when I discovered that 1) the aerial tram was standing only and 2) the floor slowly rotated as it traveled up the mountain. I had to put on a brave face for our kids, but ohmygoodness we are never doing that ever again.

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