October 20, 2011

mommy and big babymommy and big baby
This little girl will be turning 2 in December and still doesn’t speak (she has almost 10 clearly said words, but other than that it’s jibberish), but oh can she shriek! Feisty is one word that describes her, but I guess you have to be if you have two older sisters who kinda push you around. This big baby of mine is also obsessed with shoes and fixing her hair. I have a feeling we are in big trouble when all these girls are teenagers together!
mommy and big babymommy and big babymommy and big baby
My go to outfit of late have been jeans and ankle boots. Though they have a heel, they really are so comfy. I don’t really get out of the house much but when I do, these shoes are what go on my feet. Love them! These (or these) Rachel Comey ones are my dream ones and this DV ones come in second (ahem, birthday fairy!). Okay, seriously, those are way out of budget, but I can dream right?!
mommy and big babymommy and big baby
on me: shirt, can’t remember. vest, vintage thrifted. belt, thrifted. jeans, f21. boots, markis boot by report.
on soul: vintage romper, ms. tips. moccasins, freshly picked.
Things have been busy here because baby sister and I have been planning middle sister’s bridal shower coming up in a couple weeks. Also, I have been trying to get things ready for Halloween on top of doing homeschool, cooking (I cooked twice this week!), and trying to keep my head above water with 4 kids. That’s the theme of the everyday over here, keep your head above water and try not to sink. What’s the theme for you lately?
p.s. I have a special giveaway coming later tonight!

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