October 19, 2011

purrfect school stylepurrfect school stylepurrfect school style
{where from again? clip: made by me; shirt: misha lulu; skirt: little bean shop; socks: target; shoes: superga from gilt}
Thank you for all your advice from last week. Actually, I am not one of those moms who linger and make her not want to leave me. I don’t want to linger for that exact reason and I always try to make the quickest drop off, but it is True that won’t let go of my leg the moment we leave the car to walk her to the room. Another reason I like a quick drop off is because as much as we miss True, her school days give me a bit of a break with having to care for only 3 kids at home and there isn’t really any fighting when True is not there (True and Brave fight a lot!), so I try to make it quick so that I can go home and get things done and breathe easier with just three! Three is much easier than four.
This week did go better though. Immediately, she didn’t want to leave me, but I walked up to her teacher said hi, then he proceeded to tell her where to put her stuff, and I just walked away to leave. I think she gets shy having to walk from the door to her desk by herself, but when I walked her in and to the teacher, it was easier for me to leave her. Later, when we picked her up, she was beaming ear to ear telling me how much fun she had. We will see what happens next week, but I think we should definitely get that Kissing Hand book anyways. It sounds real sweet!
p.s. this is my last rosy posy clip and girl crown and i really don’t have plans to make more. grab it before it is gone!

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