October 2, 2009

Finally, a bit of breathing and resting time for mama. There has been so little moments like that this week.

I did get to bake some banana cupcakes (because I was craving it) and I made another batch just for my girls. We call theirs muffins. Plus, theirs was definitely a more healthified version as it was completely whole wheat, I put in 1 egg, used soy milk, and used 75% less sugar than the recipe called for (oh and I didn’t give them frosting). I was trying to make it so my “allergic-to-everything-True” could eat it. My True was excited to have some of her own muffins and waited patiently while I could snap a few photos.

Obviously, the muffin didn’t last very long until it was obliterated.

Have a happy weekend! I will be back next week like normal. It is just having a baby sister’s 18th birthday, which is a big deal in the Filipino culture, and middle sister’s 21st birthday back-to-back sure keeps a girl busy! Happy birthday seesters… I love you!!!
I am off to sneak in a nap…

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