welcome to the 60’s

October 5, 2009

This weekend was full of celebrating. Saturday was the big 18th birthday bash of my baby sister at it was a 60’s theme like the movie Hairspray. I had such a hard time figuring out what I was going to wear as I doubted I would have found something for a very pregnant woman at the thrift store. Thus, I ended up sewing something that I think would have been worn by a very pregnant woman in the 60’s. True and Brave’s outfits were pretty easy as they have a nice selection of vintage dresses to choose from. And my Benny, well, he pretty much only shops at thrift stores so he was able to scramble something together and I think he looked like the spiffiest dude at the party. I hope we did this era justice in our outfits.
their 60's outfits a flash back to the 60'swe love each othermy idea of a 60's pregnant dressmy idea of a 60's pregnant dres
practicing their dance for the party
(practicing their dance from the movie right before the party)

My sisters wore petticoats under their dresses to give it a bit of poof (in the above picture: baby sister on far right and middle sister in green on the left). I, on the other hand, didn’t need it. I had a natural poof, more like a bowling ball, under my dress. The vintage brooch, found at my favorite thrift store, was the perfect little embellishment for the homemade frock. I didn’t take very many pictures of the event as I left that to the professional, but I will definitely share them with you once they are ready. I can hardly wait to see how the pictures turned out! It definitely was a grand, grand night.
Now, life will return back to normal for my family as there will no longer be hustling and bustling for the party.
I hope your weekend was just as grand!!!

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