a little colorful bunting

November 11, 2009

For the past few months, True has not been wanting to sleep in her bed, but only on her big nap pillow right by the door. We finally figured out it is because from her bed, she could not see out the door of her room, so we scooted the bed over just a bit so that she could peer out and look out of her room.
Of course, with me being kind of not knowing where my eye was being drawn (okay, maybe I am just picky) because it was moved from being centered under the big poster, I needed to create something that would put the space back together (at least in my eyes). Thus, I thought a little colorful bunting might just do the trick. I think it balances it out nicely and my eye has somewhere to focus yet again.
a little buntinglittle buntingsmall and little bunting
Plus, some extra little color is always fun! I am thinking of making some more little buntings to put in other fun places or maybe some just for Christmas…

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