it’s starting to look a lot like christmas

December 3, 2009

Gosh. December is here already and I am antsy with anticipation for baby. Meanwhile, we are still continuing to get ready for this Christmas season. We heralded this joyful time of year with some special baked cookies and lots of decorating. Brave and True were mighty happy to get some “healthy” cookies.
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We have yet to do our Christmas tree, but this year we opted to go au naturale. I have never had a real tree before, so I am kinda excited, but a little nervous, as all I could think of is Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation movie and the tree up in flames. Good thing Ben has experience with taking care of a real tree, which leads me to believe we will be alright. Therefore, our plan as of now is to go Christmas tree picking Friday afternoon, unless of course I am cringing in pain, which I kinda hope and thus the tree picking will have to wait a tiny bit. Though, I think it will be sweet to have all three girls there together decorating the tree, even if one of the girls is just lying there sweetly sleeping. That is no problem with me.
Me and my sweet girls will continue with the Christmas festivities and we will be sharing more of our Christmas crafting soon. The idea of decorating makes them positively giddy and maybe cause they get “special” cookies out of it, but who can blame them, cookies make me giddy too.

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