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December 2, 2009

Having a winter baby made me so stuck. I mean, I just wasn’t sure what to sew for a winter baby. Brave and True were born in the spring and summer, so little skirts and onesies were all they needed. Though the good thing is that in southern California, the weather isn’t quite extreme. Thus, for her going home outfit I just concocted a simple grey wrap shirt that would perfectly layer over onesies and some brown leggings.

baby going home outfitAlign Center
Actually, I went crazy making lots of leggings, so I think she will now be plenty ready for the winter.
i kinda went overboard
With all my crazy sewing, Ben kept calling me “nesting freak” in the most loving way of course. I must agree, I went crazy making baby things, but it is called “nesting” isn’t it?!!
Then, I had some left over grey linen, so I made her another wrap dress of sorts. All this baby sewing (and nesting) is quite addicting.
linen baby wrap dress
Any other ideas of things to make for a winter baby?

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