our little s…

December 5, 2009

Meet our newest little babycakies…

awake in the middle of the night

She arrived safe and sound early Thursday morning, after some fierce contractions that started around 9pm Wednesday night. Her name is our little prayer for her as Valentina is from Latin origins and means “strong & healthy.” Therefore, we pray that she would have a strong and healthy soulΒ and one who loves to win souls for Christ.

A little side note: If you paid attention to the lyrics of Ben’s notes for my Rockin’ Mommy Day, her name was there. One of the notes I was given said “SHARE THAT BEAT OF SOUL,” but the correct lyrics to Michael Jackson’s song is “Share that beat of love.” Not sure if anyone caught the slight change of wording.
my sweet baby
I am in love all over again and so is my Ben, but most especially big sisters True and Brave.
We are all home now and enjoying these first few days of little Soul’s life. There are a lot of kisses, cuddling, snuggling and just a whole lot of loving going on. I have some pre-written posts ready to share for next week of some crafting that went on before Soul’s arrival, but don’t mind if you a lot of wordless posts too as I will probably just be sharing some pictures of us as we find a “new normal” in our home.

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