rockin’ new year

January 4, 2010

For New Year’s Eve we do something we call “Club Bratcher.” We dress up in our silliest outfit, eat some black-eyed peas, then blast some Black Eyed Peas and dance the night away. This year we even had a strobe light!
To help get our party started, I made a colorful garland to string above our dinner table…
new year's eve garland
True made a “Happy New Year” sign…
happy new year
The girls got a New Year present, which was a new sketchbook for the new year…
new year's presents
Ben made Grilled Insalata Di Mare, which is seriously so yum that everyone must try it…
new year's eve dinner
Of course, he also made black-eyed peas as it is tradition to have that before we dance…
new year's eve dinner
After we all indulged in the yummy food, we got the party started and danced…
And danced…
dancing the night away
And danced…
dancing the night away
Okay, actually Ben and I got out-danced by Brave and True as we were exhausted, but the strobe light was giving them some magical energy despite the late hour. Nevertheless, we all rocked the night away and rang in the New Year together.
we rock
We’ve got a feeling 2010 will bring lots of good things. It already started pretty great!!!

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