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October 31, 2016

For True’s Alton Brown costume, we went thrift store shopping to find the pieces to make her suit. We bought a tie, but it’s lost somewhere in our house, so she wore a bow tie we had from Forage Haberdashery. We printed copies of Alton Brown’s face onto card stock, and cut out the eyes and mouth. We taped the masked onto her glasses, so that’s how it stays on her face the whole time. When she walks around the house with her mask on, I totally freak out for a second.

I made Brave’s Rey costume in the spring when she went to Disneyland with their cousins. I used gauze fabric to make her vest and pants, and a knit jersey to make the top and arm pieces. An old belt and scrap leather made up her belt pack and wrist bracelet. Her quarterstaff is very special because True made that on her own for Brave’s birthday present. She used a dowel and lots of duct tape. It’s one of Brave’s most prized possessions and it’s always near her bed (if not on her).

Soul specifically said she wanted to be Luke Skywalker from Star Wars Episode VI. She used her black pants and sweatshirt for the top and bottom, and I just had to sew the vest and cape. We ordered these gloves (for her one robotic hand) and these boots. She wears this outfit any chance she gets because she loves Luke Skywalker. If you doubt her love, visit her bedroom and you’ll see a huge Luke Skywalker wall decal on her side of the room.

Of course, my sweet Glow is BB-8. To get the details on her costume, read about it here.

If you have 11 minutes to spare, don’t forget to watch Cutthroat Kitchen: Bratcher Edition!

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  • Oh my the face is perfect on that Alton Brown one. I am freaked out too! It is too good! hehe. Love every single one of these costumes. I am glad to see the Return of the Jedi Luke outfit!!! Not many people ever do that one! I love it!

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