always happy

March 26, 2010

This little one is mostly happy, except when she wants to eat, but once fed goes back to smiling. Sometimes I think she should have been named Happy Valentina. I wouldn’t have mind if she were a twin of another just like her. Two of her would be bliss (I think Soul told you). The older sisters love her lots too. When they are sad they say, “I want a hug from Soulie!” We all can’t get enough of her!
Have you ever noticed that Soul is always in these little white shirts? We have tons of them as these are pretty much the only shirts we put her in because after having 2 other girls, we are kind of tired of the pink. We love seeing her in white, though we don’t want that one day she is in white to come too soon. We are enjoying every bit of her being little and all ours!
Today for me will involve taxes and emails. Gotta finish getting tax stuff together and then I will be answering your emails, so if you are waiting for one, I will be back to you soon. Tomorrow for you will involve another fun giveaway, it will be good. Promise.
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