wool & flora crown

March 2, 2017

Wool & Flora Crown

Bunch of faux flowers
Raffia covered wire
Wire cutter
Twine (ribbon)

1. Measure the wire around the head, add a couple inches to each end (so they can overlap when connected), and cut wire. Cut out short stems of the flowers, bunch them together, and tie onto desired spot on the wire using a 8″ strand of twine/ribbon. Continue to add flowers onto the wire until desired fullness. Tie the twine/ribbon throughout to secure onto the wire. Overlap the wire ends together to desired size, and twist around each end to secure.

2. Cut out long strands of yarn and Lark’s head knot them onto the crown.

The girls and I went to Michaels the other day to pick up some thread and we perused through all the faux flowers because the aisle was so colorful and pretty. They picked out this bunch to bring home and requested a floral crown. With four girls, crown requests happen quite often. If you look back in my project archives, you will see we’ve made several. I like how easy this one is because instead of wrapping each stem with floral tape or wire, it was simply tied on with a piece of string. This makes it a project the (big) girls can do without me. The younger two need a little more supervision and guidance in determining how long to cut the stems and ribbon. March 20th… we are counting down until spring is officially here. I think we will be wearing our crowns to usher in the new season. Peruse past crown projects here.




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