March 22, 2018

Paper Plate Crown

9″ – 12″Paper plates (we used these plates)
Gem templates
Card stock

Starting at the center at the back of the paper plate, cut into 8 equal triangles. Fold each triangle up. Print out the gem template and cut out gems to be colored, or print onto colored card stock, and glue onto each triangle.

My little queen would gladly declare ice cream every day, and I don’t mind that one bit! My girls are always playing dress up, so we wanted to come up some
crowns that are easy enough to make with things probably already lying around your house.


February 21, 2018

Flower Crown

Bunch of fresh flowers
Floral wire
Wire cutter

Cut out small bunches of flowers about 5′ long. Wrap wire around the bottom of the stem and continue to wrap downward to add more small bunches of flowers. Continue wrapping flowers together until desired size to fit around the head. Wrap wire to connect both ends together. Tip: Wrap wire in a downward as you continue adding flower bunches to your crown.

These could easily be made with lavender stems, herbs, vines, or other plants you have growing in your backyard, which is how we made the other crowns for our Galentine’s post.

wool & flora crown

March 2, 2017

Wool & Flora Crown

Bunch of faux flowers
Raffia covered wire
Wire cutter
Twine (ribbon)

1. Measure the wire around the head, add a couple inches to each end (so they can overlap when connected), and cut wire. Cut out short stems of the flowers, bunch them together, and tie onto desired spot on the wire using a 8″ strand of twine/ribbon. Continue to add flowers onto the wire until desired fullness. Tie the twine/ribbon throughout to secure onto the wire. Overlap the wire ends together to desired size, and twist around each end to secure.

2. Cut out long strands of yarn and Lark’s head knot them onto the crown.

The girls and I went to Michaels the other day to pick up some thread and we perused through all the faux flowers because the aisle was so colorful and pretty. They picked out this bunch to bring home and requested a floral crown. With four girls, crown requests happen quite often. If you look back in my project archives, you will see we’ve made several. I like how easy this one is because instead of wrapping each stem with floral tape or wire, it was simply tied on with a piece of string. This makes it a project the (big) girls can do without me. The younger two need a little more supervision and guidance in determining how long to cut the stems and ribbon. March 20th… we are counting down until spring is officially here. I think we will be wearing our crowns to usher in the new season. Peruse past crown projects here.




july fourth star crown

July 2, 2016

July Fourth Star Crown
get in the holiday spirit with this 5 minute project

Star decorative wire garland
Curling ribbon

1. To measure, wrap around the head of the child to a size that would be comfortable. Wrap garland around a few times and cut. Twist wire ends around the wires on the crown to secure in place. 2. Cut about 3 strands of curling ribbon in desired length. Gather the strands together and Lark’s head knot the center around the crown. Pull tight to secure in place.With the non-cutting edge of your scissors, gently slide along the length of the ribbon to curl.

When I was a kid, I remember being at a carnival (or maybe it was Disneyland) and they had these types of crowns for sale. I begged my parents to buy me one. I chose a purple one and I remember feeling like a princess. With the decorative wire garland that’s easy to pick up at any party/craft store, you can make your own. We made ours in red, white, and blue in preparation for the coming holiday, but if you’re seeing this after the fourth, these would be just as lovely in other colors too.

Soul and Glow each have their own crown ready for Monday (they plan to wear it on Sunday too). I have to finish sewing their Independence Day skirts and then we will be all ready to get decked out in red, white, and blue. We have no plans on Monday, but to watch movies and relax in bed, but we will definitely still be in the holiday spirit.

on soul: dress, gap kids (similar here). clogs, c/o hanna andersson

tulle crown and feather wand

May 9, 2016

Tulle Crown and Feather Wand

Lace ribbon
Glue gun and glue stick
12″ dowel
Assorted ribbons
Assorted feathers

Directions for the crown:
Wrap entire headband with lace ribbon; glue as you go to secure ribbon in place. Cut out seven 10″ long pieces of tulle and Lark’s head knot each one onto the headband. Cut a 5″ piece of lace and create a small fan and glue that onto the front of the tulle. Trim tulle into a crown shape.

Directions for the feather wand:
Glue 5-6 feathers onto the top of the dowel. Cut three 4″ long pieces of tulle, fold in half, and glue at the base of the feathers. Cut 24″ strands of ribbon and tie onto the top of the dowel.

The wand is inspired by this one from Anthropologie. Most times, we rather make our own than buy, and of course, we needed to make a crown to match the wand. The girls say this crown and wand are perfect for fairies, so fairy wand and crown it is! We would love to make our version of this ruffle cape next.

Soul is our girliest of all. These playful ballerina-like dresses are just the type of thing she goes for. The minute after we made these crowns, she was itching to wear them. She’s the one who is very particular about her hair, says she loves fashion, and is changing outfits several times a day (oye!). While at the same time, her favorite Star Wars character is Luke Skywalker and sometimes she likes to dress like him too. She also loves to play with action figures. I guess you can say she a well rounded gal.

on soul: glacier alice & ames dress and brown salt water sandals, c/o baby cubby. on glow: mustard alice & ames dress and red salt water sandals, c/o baby cubby.

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See other photos and videos by Christian and Reinna here.


flower crown kit

May 2, 2016

For this month’s Michaels Makers Challenge, the girls picked up one of their craft kits for kids and made flower crowns together. The kit made 4 crowns, so it was perfect for my girls. Initially, there was a bit of fighting over who got what color wire (there are tiny colored beads on it), but thankfully, that didn’t last long when the one who was fighting saw how much fun the other sisters were having.

True, Brave, and Soul each made their own, and I helped Glow put hers together. I like the sweet paper flowers and loved how easy it was for the big girls to do it by themselves. I’m thinking we will pick up another box to gift to another family we know that has 4 girls.

Supplies provided as part of the Michaels Makers Series. Another great way to explore creativity is by trying out a craft kit. Michaels has everything from sewing kits to art kits and everything in between.

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