from my diana mini

April 23, 2010

This here is just a few favorites from my first roll ever using my Diana mini. I got a lot of ones that were not too great, but the good ones I got, I love. When I showed Brave her picture she said, “Mommy, there’s two Braveys!”
she's got a twinmy sister dancingsoul
Weekend is here, alas! We have some grand plans since it is True’s birthday on Monday, but it will be celebrated all weekend. I am hoping to make a trip to the doctor today to figure out this stomach, so I will not be in pain during the weekend. True is pretty excited about her birthday too! My baby is turning 4!!! That is such a big sounding number. No more hint of baby in my little girl. Time flies… times flies. Wow.
Have a grand weekend and be back tomorrow as I introduce another fun sponsor!

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