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May 4, 2010

photo booth
Hi all!
I hacked into my mommy’s computer again. My mom is folding laundry next to me, as we both listen to pandora, and my older sisters are running around playing dress up. I got a little bored and got on the macbook and started taking some photo booth pictures. That application is real fun! Just wanted to say hello and that I am doing a lot of rolling and scooting these days, as well as a lot of yoga. Upward dog and happy baby are some of my favorite yoga moves! Mom says I am a pro. Mom also moved me up to a size 2 in diapers. I was real jazzed about it, but mommy was really sad. She says I am growing too fast. I am excited because this weekend is my Mommy’s Day, but I can’t do much yet, so my Papi has to do all the planning. I will be ready to smile when I have to though! Well, it was nice chatting with you a bit, but time to go practice more yoga moves! Be back soon.

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