night cereal: maiz, kanin, at gatas

August 18, 2016

Maiz, Kanin, at Gatas (corn, rice, and milk)
a filipino spin on an american classic

Canned corn
Rice cereal
Condensed milk, optional

In a bowl, pour cereal, scoop in desired amount of corn (we did equal ratio of rice cereal and corn), then completely cover with milk. For a tiny bit of sweetness, just add a light drizzle of condensed milk.

If you like the cereal crunchy, eat it right away. I prefer to let it sit for a bit, to allow the cereal to turn soft, so it’s a bit more porridge-like. Two of my girls liked it crunchy, the other two liked it soft. Though we all had fun hearing how the milk makes the rice cereal crackle and pop!

This is an American spin on a Filipino dish. The original dish is a dessert called maiz con hielo (corn with ice), which is shaved ice, corn, and condensed milk. Filipino desserts often use corn and rice, so we thought it would be interesting to give cereal and milk a little Filipino spin. If you’re feeling adventurous, throw in some avocado too. There’s a Filipino drink that mixes avocado and milk, and it’s the best!

The girls were all about it and they enjoyed putting this little concoction together. True wanted to brainstorm other interesting cereal and milk combos, They poured a little bit of this, then scooped in a little bit of that, and then drowned it with milk, and we had ourselves our nighttime cereal. My girls always love it when we have breakfast type things for dinner.

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