hi again

August 27, 2010

Well, it has been a long while since I hacked into cyberspace. I have been a bit busier these days crawling around, even standing and taking steps (and trying to steal my sisters’ toys). The most steps I have taken is 4, but I can’t wait to get this walking thing down pat. Oh.. the possibilities are endless! I will be conquering my house before you know it. Of course, my mama is a little worried about that. I also really like being the baby, everyone always gives me hugs and kisses (and my big sisters fight over me). It is all really fun! My mama also tells me that I have to be careful because I might get arrested. She says that it must be against the law to be this cute, but then again, I think my mama is a whole lot biased. Right? Okay, time to go (and please pray i don’t get arrested). Have a good weekend and I will try to be back soon!
p.s. my mama may have another video up tomorrow. i really like those!

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