August 30, 2011

Nope. I didn’t go into labor, just in case you were thinking that due to my absence. We just got busy prepping to send True to school for the first time. Yikes!
first day at school
{where from again? dress: little bean shop; salt-waters: c/o tea collection}
Yes, I know. She only goes one day a week, but still it is a nerve wracking one day a week. I mean there are more germs at school, I can’t monitor her hand washing, and not to mention school bathrooms (Yes, I have a big public restroom phobia!), and the fact we are trusting complete strangers! I was drilling and prepping her on what to do in the bathroom and if anyone ever makes her feel uncomfortable and just kept reassuring her that she can always tell me and her Papi anything. Dang. It is scary being a parent! I need to pray more.
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Glad to report that today was a success! Prayers answered. We all went to drop her off. Ben was the one to escort her to the playground, while the other girls and I stayed back. We didn’t want to call too much attention to us just in case it made her more anxious and nervous. As soon as True and Ben were out of sight, Brave started crying saying she was missing True, then I started crying, and as soon as Ben was headed back towards us I could see his eyes weren’t very far from joining our teary ones. I know. I know. One day a week… still, it ain’t easy.

It was a bit calmer of a day with just Brave and Soul. We even went to the mall! We went home had lunch, put Soul to nap, Brave and I cuddled a bit, then I took care of some things and next thing you knew it was time to pick True up. We were all very excited! Though the most excited of all was True when we did finally get her. She got in the car and was ranting and raving about what she calls feater (theatre) class, her spanish class, and drawing fishes in art class. And then her friends… she went on and on about her new friends and how they played and how she wasn’t shy! Praise Lord Jesus! If you have ever met True, she is superly duperly shy! So the fact she loved school and wants to go 5 days a week (yes, she said that) and enjoyed making friends makes us so happy. It was such a good day today that we ended the day taking them to eat pizza and games at Chuck E. Cheese. Rides for a quarter?! Who can beat that?!! Seriously.

I know we started homeschool last week, but finally sending her off to school one day a week makes everything feel slightly more official. Our little girl is growing up!

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  • Sini says:

    Exciting! I'm glad she loved the school and made friends, that is so important to feel like she belongs there and the shyness will melt away! Will you consider more days in school if everything goes well? 🙂

  • John Park says:

    Dang. I would've been so anxious, I would've brought True back with me if I were Ben.

  • Linda Park says:

    OMG! i'm tearing up too! SHE'S SO BIG NOW!!!!!! I just about screamed (would have really loud if my walls weren't so thin)! THAT SMILE, THAT BACKPACK, THE HAIR! I die.

    so proud of her! She didn't even cry?! amazerz!

    btw- love the GIF.

  • Linda Park says:

    BTW- my husbands a wimp.

  • Rubyellen says:

    john and lin- ben was SOOOOO anxious! he came back after turning the corner the first time and i thought it was cause he couldn't leave her, but it was cause he forgot the camera! just wait until you see the video of her talking about it. seriously… SHE LOVED IT!!!!

  • oh my gosh!!!! im crying reading this!!!!! little truey is growing up!!!! im so happy for her that she loved it! i cant wait to hear her stories from her in person!!!! ahh!!!

  • yay True! I am so happy that she had such a happy, blessed first day away from homeschool school 🙂 I hope all her weekly enrichment classes continue to be a blast for her!

    I almost lost it with Bella last Thursday and thought “how silly are you ” while walking away, since she too is only gone one day a week.

  • joyfullyC says:

    Hey! it's nice to hear that True did enjoyed her first day at school, despite all the jittery you all had!
    As a preschool teacher myself, i can assure you that every good teacher will try her very best to make sure that every kid will not be left out or any of that sort. we make sure that they dont feel too left out, or uncomfortable.
    we talk to them very often, call their name, hold them….etc. to make new kids feel comfortable!

    A parent's emotions will actually positively or negatively affect the child's emotion. So as long as you assure True that you WILL be back for her, she will be sure that Mama's gonna be back and she dont need to be afraid at all!!

    So YAY! for you and for True!!

  • La Dinette says:

    Greaaat im so proud of True! What a great news! EEverytime i send my girls to school or kindergarten i just put all my faith and trust in God's hand,hopefully my babies will be accepted in the school i want them to go to.

  • beckith says:

    So glad for True! And I have to say, that is the coolest backpack ever 🙂

  • Rae Veda says:

    So cute! I love that she goes to school only one day a week. It's the best of both worlds!

    xo, rv


  • Amanda says:

    I am one of those nerds who totally thought you went into labor and kept checking back to see.hehe. I'm glad True enjoyed her first day of school. That's really sweet.

  • that backpack is too cute for words! i would totally rock it myself! that's so great that she's fitting in so well, i remember being so sooo nervous and shy when i first started school. go true!
    xo. holly

  • RoeandLee says:

    just gotta say, that backpack is phenomenal. Her whole outfit is actually 🙂

  • sha says:

    Praise God, she enjoyed being at school. I teared up reading the part about you guys missing her. I predict that I would be the same way when my daughters heads off to preschool next year. But my worry is about all the germs too!

    hapi wednesday!

  • Eleni says:

    Ha ha, I'm sure Brave could get used to being the big kid around the house one day a week!

  • Rachel says:

    Yay! So glad she liked it! Mine starts next week…I'm so nervous and I know her little brother is going to miss her as much as I do.

  • giselaandzoe says:

    the back pack is adorable!

  • mandyface says:

    I'd wear that outfit lol! So cute!

  • jozen says:

    awe! i'm so glad that she LOVED it!!!

    i am totally ebbie jeebie about public washrooms too! when you ask zoe and pia what the #1 rule is they always say: no touching anything in public bathrooms!

  • Misha Lulu says:

    how Awesome! I love her backpack!

  • Sarah Joy says:

    I adore her little backpack! &So happy for your “baby” having a great first day. 🙂

  • Yea! She looks so happy and adorable! Love the b-pack! Way to go mom!

  • Love the backpack – something I've been meaning to whip up for my daughter (she starts kindergarten next week!!). Did you make the pack on your own or did you use a pattern? I know I can make one up but I'd rather use a pattern (saves me some thought-work). Thanks!!

    [email protected]

  • Rubyellen says:

    regarding the backpack: i used my own pattern and just made it the night before! honestly, i probably won't get to make a proper diy of it, but it is pretty easy. i will give it it's own post soon.

  • loving the new layout

  • Tang says:

    Love love love the new look!

  • lnhwang says:

    call me emotional with my pregnancy, but OMG that must have been an emotional day to let True go to her school!!! I can't imagine!!! but she looks so adorable!!

    Just less than 3 weeks away Ruby!!! O-M-G!

  • kim says:

    Love her first day outfit! She's so cute and I'm glad she loved it. Tomorrow is my oldest baby's first day of pre-k. Aaaahhhh I don't know if I feel relief and excitement and happy or nervous and anxious.

  • grandmama says:

    She is the cutest n sweetest kindergartener I have ever seen! I was a Kinder teacher and pre-kinder diagnostician for a while, and saw sooo many cute children, none of them carried a backpack along with the sweet smile that my Trucita has displayed. She just melts my heart,

  • Bibi says:

    I love your beautifull backpack!!!

  • Staci says:

    I know you are a busy lady…but i think we are going to need a tutorial for the adorable backpack and the cute flower on her dress!! You are so generous with your creativity. All of us readers are lucky to have you as inspiration.

  • So Yeah So says:

    She's adorable. I just sent mine to her first day of high school today. I don't know where the time goes.

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