August 30, 2011

Nope. I didn’t go into labor, just in case you were thinking that due to my absence. We just got busy prepping to send True to school for the first time. Yikes!
first day at school
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Yes, I know. She only goes one day a week, but still it is a nerve wracking one day a week. I mean there are more germs at school, I can’t monitor her hand washing, and not to mention school bathrooms (Yes, I have a big public restroom phobia!), and the fact we are trusting complete strangers! I was drilling and prepping her on what to do in the bathroom and if anyone ever makes her feel uncomfortable and just kept reassuring her that she can always tell me and her Papi anything. Dang. It is scary being a parent! I need to pray more.
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Glad to report that today was a success! Prayers answered. We all went to drop her off. Ben was the one to escort her to the playground, while the other girls and I stayed back. We didn’t want to call too much attention to us just in case it made her more anxious and nervous. As soon as True and Ben were out of sight, Brave started crying saying she was missing True, then I started crying, and as soon as Ben was headed back towards us I could see his eyes weren’t very far from joining our teary ones. I know. I know. One day a week… still, it ain’t easy.

It was a bit calmer of a day with just Brave and Soul. We even went to the mall! We went home had lunch, put Soul to nap, Brave and I cuddled a bit, then I took care of some things and next thing you knew it was time to pick True up. We were all very excited! Though the most excited of all was True when we did finally get her. She got in the car and was ranting and raving about what she calls feater (theatre) class, her spanish class, and drawing fishes in art class. And then her friends… she went on and on about her new friends and how they played and how she wasn’t shy! Praise Lord Jesus! If you have ever met True, she is superly duperly shy! So the fact she loved school and wants to go 5 days a week (yes, she said that) and enjoyed making friends makes us so happy. It was such a good day today that we ended the day taking them to eat pizza and games at Chuck E. Cheese. Rides for a quarter?! Who can beat that?!! Seriously.

I know we started homeschool last week, but finally sending her off to school one day a week makes everything feel slightly more official. Our little girl is growing up!

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