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August 20, 2010

We got a new toy, which is the Zumi 2.0, which takes stills and video. The wonderful thing is the video mimics super 8 film, so it is oh lovely! Not as lovely as the real deal of super 8, but lovely enough (it really feels so close).

Ben and I are always talking about how bad we are at filming the girls and their milestones (though we are really good at taking pictures of them), but now with this handy dandy thing, we vow to be better. You better get used to seeing videos here because this is my challenge to myself (and ben’s self) to video tape more and just like my sisters do, share it in this space.
Without further ado, here is a slice of our life this past week…
If you want to join me in happy video capturing, buy the Zumi here cause this store is totally rad (or just use what you have), but I gotta say that the Zumi is real cool (and teeny tiny)!
Have a good weekend cherishing moments, be it through stills, video, or just living it. Remember, always have fun (and love God through it)! So tonight I have a date with my hottie husband, tomorrow I will have fun at this gal’s wedding shower, and on Sunday, I will have fun at our church hosted community picnic (you are invited, so if you want to come, email me).
What kind of fun will you be having this weekend?

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