to miss joan

August 30, 2010

My friend is getting married this Saturday in Virginia, and while I am bummed that us Bratchers can’t make it (though most my family will be heading east this week along with the photographer of the wedding Christian Cruz), I am so glad she entrusted me to make something so that way I can be part of it in a small way. I made two little pillows. This first one is for the coin pillow and the biggest leaf is a pocket that will hide the coins as it walks down the aisle (with a cute little boy holding it of course!).
coin pillow
The second one is the ring pillow that will walk down the aisle (of course, with another cute little boy holding it).
ring pillow
The pillows are made with some pretty gray linen fabric and the flowers and leaves are done with wool felt and some pretty vintage baubles. I opted against the traditional satin because I wanted some that would practical and cute enough to be used after the wedding, and could be put on some cute little chair or couch (if the bride and groom choose to do so).
To Joan and Terrence! We are so blessed by the testimony of your constant trust in God’s goodness and grace. Marriage is so fun and I know you two will have a blast! Enjoy running this race of life together!!! Love, the Bratchers

Monday is here again and my three year blog anniversary just passed, so there will be another fun giveaway soon! Promise. I got another list of things to do and projects I want to do with the girls. What is on your project list this week?
p.s. Must see Joan’s engagement shoot done by her photographer sister (and my friend) Ica. Utterly adorable!!!

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