September 1, 2010

When I was growing up, I have fond memories of picking out lockets with my mom. She bought herself lockets constantly (and we would buy some for her too). My favorite one of hers was one she bought at the I Love Lucy store at Universal Studios. It was a pretty silver octagonal one that would unfold, thus roomy enough for lots of pictures. Now that I am thinking of it, I had (have) a special locket my parents gave me when I started kindergarten. It was a teensy little gold heart and it had a picture of my mom on one side and my dad on the other and I loved it so much, now if I can only find it!
Well, it was inevitable that once I became a mom, I would want my own locket to collect my own set of pictures for my darlings. Ever since I had True I have been on a search for a vintage locket. Actually, Ben found one once that he really wanted to get me, but um… it cost as much as a new computer and as pretty as it was, I am glad he didn’t. Therefore, every now and then I keep my out for one that speaks to me. So when I saw this one, from this lovely shop, I was instantly smitten. I put it in my cart straightaway and pressed check out. Now, it is here with me and prettily hiding my own loves inside.
meet my new necklaceme and my necklace lookie what's inside!
Isn’t it darling? I like opening it up and looking at the pictures. It makes me smile! And like my mom, I probably won’t just stop at one locket. Vintage locket obsession… here I come!
Do you have anything special you collect now that your mom collected?
p.s. like the top of my dress (i probably should take a whole outfit picture)? it is a vintage dress from this fantabulous shop that happens to also be one of my sponsors. if soul weren’t so big, i would get her this! thanks ms. tips!

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