a soft spot for lockets

October 11, 2012

locketslocketsI got my first locket when I was in kindergarten from my parents and ever since then I have always had a soft spot for them. Maybe it’s also the influence of my mom who was constantly buying unique lockets for herself because she wanted to have pictures of us with her all the time. She was always so proud.

Here I am today and I have a little collection going. I’m proud of my little family and love having pictures of them adorn my neck. I have 4 total and all of them are vintage. My favorite place to go locket shopping is Jean Jean Vintage. It’s pretty much my favorite vintage jewelry shop. She always has the best selection (look at this 1930’s cameo locket) and even Ben’s knows this shop well because he often checks it to see what lockets are in stock. This black 1940’s one is my newest addition from Jean Jean Vintage, which is the same place where I got my other locket pictured. Besides, locket this lovely shop has a bunch of other pretty vintage jewelry. I love the shop so much that I try not to check often because I know I will always find something that I love and will have a hard time saying no to (like this needlepoint clutch, this art deco brooch, and this 1940’s cameo). Told you the shop was dangerously wonderful!

Well, I finally put a teeny picture in my locket, which is the same one that I blew up and put on the wall (I just cropped out mine and Ben’s face). I love how simple and striking this locket is with the black stone.  I know I have my locket my parents gave me so long ago somewhere and it has a picture of my mom and dad in it. I just need to find it. I want to get each of the girls their very own locket, but I am waiting to find something special. Wouldn’t it be so cute if somehow we found 4 matching little vintage ones?!

Do you collect something now that you’re mom used to collect when you were younger?

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  • Hmmm…well, she did have every size/shape basket that you could imagine!…and today I bought 5 different sized/shaped baskets at an antique mall. ☺

  • Kaila says:

    I love the vintage lockets! My grandmother gave me a compact to play with when I was too young to even remember. When my mom saw me playing with it she took it from me (I’m sure I was heartbroken then!), but now I’m so glad she did. She put it away for me and I have collected a few more over the years. It was just “junk” to my grandmother I’m sure, but it’s beautiful and there is certainly nothing made today that compares! My mom gave it back to me when I was a teenager and mature enough to respect it for what it was. I actually just pulled it out along with the other 2 I have gotten over the years and was sharing them with my husband for the first time! They are priceless!! Now I think I’m going to have to find myself a vintage charm though!! Do you wear them with vintage chains or chains you already have?

  • Jasmine says:

    They are absolutely stunning lockets!

    I used to have one and I’m not sure if it came from my mum or my grandma but I should find it!

    I definitely want to start looking for some vintage ones now – there is just something so classic and beautiful about them. Good luck finding 4 matching ones 😉


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