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October 22, 2010

Last Sunday, we went to the flea market quickly just to pick up some goodies we bought at Alameda, but had no space in our car to bring down. We walked around just enough for me to find these pretty vintage plates. I bought them for a vintage plate collector I know, but now I am thinking I may keep one or two for myself.

vintage plates
Well, it seems that Fall weather has finally sunk in southern California. This week has brought grey skies and even some rain. I am totally lovin’ it. I even stay in pajamas all day long. All week long I have been purging and cleaning all over the house (thanks to my friend who inspired me after we stayed at their super clean house), but at night when all the girls are in bed, I settle in bed to do some cozy crafting while watching a sappy movie.
cozy weather crafting
We have no plans for the weekend cause Ben has been feeling ill, so we are waiting for him to get better, but once he is, I am definitely in the mood to do something spontaneous. What are you in the mood for this weekend?

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  • Meg says:

    fall is at its peak here in michigan, so i am in the mood for a mini fall color tour and a trip to a cider mill / pumpkin patch 🙂 i am also in the mood for CRAFTING – it's been way too long!

  • Oh how pretty those plates look. I'd have a party just to show off those plates.

    Lisa xx

  • I hope Ben feels better soon! It's going around here too and Caroline is home sick. I was just thinking I needed a sweater… time to pull out that knitting again also! We have a lazy weekend ahead (no soccer games… thank goodness!).

  • RachelDenbow says:

    Oh, man…I want an evening of crocheting in front of a sappy movie!

    Hope Ben feels better soon and you guys get another little adventure close to home!

  • since ive moved to SC, i haven't been able to pull out any of my autumn clothes. we've hit 80s on most day – ugh. but im so ready for the autumn weather!

    hope you're hubby feels better. hope all of you get a relaxing weekend!

  • mandyface says:

    Rain and pjs?! Jealous! I do have some clouds..and I wore boots to work! So I guess life isn't too bad 😉

  • laura says:

    how lovely! i bought a set of the top right ones when i was in SF a few weeks back. deeeeelicious! thanks for sharing these delights.

  • I pop into your blog regularly but rarely comment. You have some of the best dressed little girls ever. They're so cute. Love all the vintage clothes they wear. Your road trip looks like it was fun!

    ~ Jennifer

  • Wonderland says:

    Here is allready winter, cold winter. Turin is becomming grey and I miss the blue sky so much. But yes, it's great to be in pigdjama all the day long…
    The plates are cool, Keep one of them!

  • Lizeylou says:

    What beautiful plates … I think I would find it too hard to part with any of them! Gorgeous!

  • That sounds like my kinda weekend. I too am feeling quite sick so I'm hunkered in this Sunday afternoon with hot soup and trying to fit in finishing my daughters Halloween costume by the end of next week!

  • Rebecca says:

    Hi there,

    I love the vintage plates you picked up at the flea market and noticed the one on the bottom right of the photo. That is exactly the same one that my great-grandmother used to serve her ravioli's on every Sunday. I have it now but it is so worn that I can't read the maker of the plate. Have any ideas? I'd love to add to this collection.

    Love your blog!

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