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October 27, 2010

I needed to wrap a present, but couldn’t find any tape. What’s the next best option? Happy tape! I think this definitely makes a present much more happy!
happy tapehappy tape
I went a bit tape happy and also decorated the front. I am now thinking I will be using this tape to wrap all our Christmas presents. Christmas already, what?!! Yup. It will be here before you know it.
I am pretty much done with Christmas shopping for my girls, but there is just one more thing to get them (must save more pennies first). I think I have done a big chunk of shopping for friends and family too, but I need to go through my list and make sure (and still have things to make for gifts). I hate procrastinating and thus do shopping throughout the year and have all the presents stored in a big bag in my closet. Though as soon as my girlies start figuring that out, I am sure I will have to find a better hiding spot.
True just started acting normal again today. Hurrah! We are gonna head out to do errands and hopefully will get on the next family adventure soon. I am so excited!
One more week left until my birthday. I just like treats from Ben and my family (yes, I still give my parents a wish list) and that is why I like my birthday! I ain’t gonna lie. But really, no pressure Benny, no pressure. I just want to have my breakfast and a dinner date!

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