pacific northwest road trip: day eight

October 27, 2010

day eight: portlandday eight: portland
day eight: portland
day eight: portlandday eight: portlandday eight: portland
Our last day in Portland was a rainy one and for Portlanders I am sure this is normal and it doesn’t stop them from getting things done, but for us, we weren’t exactly rain prepared so we didn’t get to do certain things.
First we went to the PSU farmer’s market, but just drove by because we didn’t know how to do it in the rain with the girls. I am sure we would have really like it though. Next, we went to Voodoo Doughnuts, but the line was crazy long in the rain, so we passed on that. Then, we headed out to Sauvie Island. We drove by the pumpkin patch, but we didn’t have rain boots so we just looked on. We did drive about the entire island and we even got lost. I have decided I would like to live on Sauvie Island! It is so pretty!!! We found the beaches and actually got down to check it out and take some polaroids. When we finally got off the island, we headed back to the eastside to do some vintage shopping.
The last place we ended up was back on Mississippi and we ate at Por Que No one last time and got some carribean food from one of the food trucks. Actually, we got our food and ate in our car, but oh that food truck was so, so good! I am jealous of all the good food you Portlanders get! Oh! And I have to mention that I got some homemade honey lavender ice cream from Lovely’s Fifty Fifty on Mississippi and that is my second favorite ice cream ever! Oh how I miss all that yummy food!!!
We headed back to the house early (we stayed at our friend’s house while they were out of town) and wanted to pack up and make sure to clean. Portland was everything I expected it to be and loved it.
Dear Oregonian Zaportezas… thank you so much for allowing us to make your beautiful home our home for a few days! And Tiff, thanks for all the foodie tips! We tried to hit up a lot of the places you told us and now we understand why you love Portland so much! The food there is really, really good! So please next time you come down, would you kindly bring some Por Que No?! love, the Bratchers

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