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December 31, 2010

Yesterday, we drove for 21 hours and straight home from Texas. Thank God we got home safe and sound and just before midnight! We even had to drive through a snowstorm… so crazy!!! Then, this morning we woke up early to our own little family Christmas. Santa made a late little stop to our house last night!

I have so many stories and pictures to share of our trip, my vintage finds, and just happy celebrations! Will be doing lots of catching up in this space next week! In the meantime, go to town for the New Year, just like our little Soulie did with her birthday cake frosting!!! We had another little birthday party for her with our family in Texas! Good times, I tell you, good times!
loving the frostingloving the frosting
Tonight we will be having our annual Bratcher Dance Party (depending if Ben feels better or not)! So fun and we are excited! How do you plan on ringing in the new year?
Happy New Year friends!!!

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