camp home: cardboard dream catchers

June 30, 2014

cardboard dream catcherCardboard Dream Catchers

Hole puncher
1/8″ Lacing needle
Yarn (various colors)
Wooden beads

1. Choose your desired size for your cardboard hoop (the one pictured is about 6 1/2″ across), and using a compass (or freehand) create your outer circle. Make another circle within the larger one, so that the hoop is about 1″ wide all around. Cut out your cardboard hoop and punch a hole about 1″ apart all the way around.

cardboard dream catchercardboard dream catcher2. Paint your hoop or just leave it as is.

cardboard dream catcher3. With your lacing needle and a long piece of yarn, tie a knot on the back of one hole and go across the front of the hoop into another hole. Pull the yarn across the back of the cardboard into another hole, and stretch it again across the front. Go back and forth until you have gone through all the holes. Tie a knot at the back of the hoop to begin, and another knot to end and secure the yarn. If desired, pick another color yarn and repeat weaving across and back through the hoop again. There’s no wrong pattern when creating your weave, so allow your child create their own pattern by playing connect the dots with the yarn and holes. Tie a small piece of yarn at the top through two holes, so you have a loop for hanging.

cardboard dream catcher4. Attach 6 – 24″ strands (or use whatever length you desire) of yarn to the base of the hoop.

cardboard dream catcher5. Add a wooden bead to the hanging yarn, knot under the bead to secure the bead in place.

cardboard dream catchercardboard dream catchercardboard dream catcherThis project enables children to practice connecting the dots and their hand and eye coordination. You can make this in different sizes and maybe hang fabric strands from the bottom.

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