a wedding and another home sewn dress

July 1, 2014

wedding readyOur friends got married a couple weeks ago and I used the occasion to sew myself a dress. I had this blush-tan linen that I wanted to use, I did a V-neck front and I kept it all simple (it’s been the preferred dress style of late). I sewed bust darts, but didn’t like how it looked, so I took it out. I did a blind stitched hem to make it feel slightly more dressy, and just like that, I had myself a new dress. Sewing your own clothes always feels pretty great. It’s like bargain shopping, but better!

wedding readywedding readywedding readywedding readywedding readywedding readywedding readyThe girls were in awe as the bride walked down the aisle and they had so much fun running in the grass with their friends. I thought they were going to have fun boogying down on the dance floor, but they were acting shy and didn’t really let loose. They did let loose on all the dessert though, and boy did they come home on a sugar high. That’s all part of wedding fun though, don’t you agree?!

on me: dress, home sewn. shoes, miss selfridge (bought over 10 years ago when I studied in London). stone necklace, lisa leonard. on true: dress, fab kids (worn for this party). vans, shoebuy. cat headband, hello shisoon brave: tee, gift from misha lulu. wing clip, hello shisoon soul: dress, anthropologie (bought a long time ago when True was 2). shoes, old navy. bead bow headband, hello shisoon glow: dress and shoes, vintage. tulip clips, hello shisoon ben: shirt, aa. bow tie, forage haberdashery.


9 comments on “a wedding and another home sewn dress”

  • Beth says:

    Cheers to you for not just owning a pair of shoes for 10 years, but for keeping them in great enough shape to keep wearing them! Great photos – that dress looks really great on you!

  • Tanie says:

    The dress is great- I love the simple silhouette.

    I also love how truly happy you & your family always look in pictures, and how the girls look like they are having fun!

  • nikki says:

    that dress is stunning!! what a beautiful family!



  • Reni says:

    I love all your homemade dresses! They are so fantastic!

    the little lion girl

  • Cat says:

    I love home made dresses. We recently went to my brother in laws wedding and I made all the kids outfits. So lovely and such fun!

  • Cait says:

    We went to a wedding two weekends ago, and my two year old was absolutely enchanted by the bride! She was in my sister’s wedding in January, and has been to others, but something clicked this time and she was in love! She screamed the entire ten minutes to the reception ‘I SEE BRIIIIDDE!’ over and over again, because she thought we were going home. It was so sad/cute. I love the picture of you and Ben together, and the color of your dress!

  • jah says:

    hi ruby! love the dress!
    i usually only make accessories (foldover clutches and make up bags) so my seams don’t matter *too* much, but i was wondering if you used a special zipper-foot to hem your seams.

    in the photo of your dress hanging on the hanger, because of the v-neck, i was able to see the hem (where usually a tag would go).. and it looks so perfect!

    i’ve been researching and there are so many diff options as far as zipper feet.
    i want the easiest one. lol. please advise if you can!

    thank you!

    • Rubyellen says:

      Thank you! I use no special foot, but I think if you iron and pin in place, it really helps keep the straight lines when you sew you seam. Your basic presser foot will do since that’s all I use. Also, the bottom has no seam seen because I sew it by hand with the blind hem stitch.

  • trish says:

    I am loving that dress !! and your daughters are beyond adorable. I love how perosnality sparkls madly out ouf there eyes and expressions

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