May 14, 2012

mom day breakfast in bed
mom day breakfast in bed
mom day breakfast in bed
mom day breakfast in bed
mom day breakfast in bedEvery birthday and Mother’s Day I pretend I am surprised to get breakfast in bed, but it really isn’t a surprise since this tradition goes back to when I lived at home and did this for my parents or they did it for me (my sister did it for my mom yesterday). Nevertheless, for my little ones, I stay in bed because they tell me they have a surprise. They even send one of them to in to my room to make sure I don’t get up. I love this tradition of ours.

This time around, I got fresh made waffles. That was a surprise because we didn’t have a waffle maker, so I thought I was just getting pancakes. Ben and the girls made buttermilk waffles, along with a kitty cat onion creature and an ant grape creature. Of course, I got a whole book of love notes made by my girls. It was the sweetest part.

I am hardly deserving of having such sweet children. They are the most forgiving people I know and I am so glad to be their mother.

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