December 10, 2010

Yesterday, I really just felt nuts. Maybe my time of the month is coming and my body is learning to adjust to all these crazy woman hormones again after not having to deal with this monthly thing for so long (sorry if it was tmi). There was all sorts of yelling and frustrations throughout the day and then right around the time Brave got up from nap I had a sudden urge to rearrange the guest room. Yeah, woman hormones, right?!! There I was with three girls playing around me and I was turning this room upside down and inside out cleaning and changing it around.
Then, since this room cleaning took awhile, dinner was running late and I was scurrying around getting their little tummies fed, cleaned up, and put to bed. I so love this sun going to bed earlier thing because they all go to bed promptly at 7! If you are wondering where Ben was, he was still at work and didn’t get home until well after the girls were sleeping. As soon as they were all put to bed, I warmed myself up a can of sardines and ate it with some whole wheat bread all by myself at the table. Peace and quiet.
Okay, so as I sat and reflected upon the day, I was so mad that I was so cranky at the girls. I really just felt nutty and just crying from frustration. Frustrated that I can’t keep up with laundry, frustrated that my room is such a mess, frustrated that my studio is such a mess. I guess basically that my whole house is such a mess and I can’t seem to keep up! Well, thank God for Christ, forgiveness, and a brand new day!
Of course, when I think of the sweet, funny moments like Soul stuffing her face at lunch, all the crankiness and frustrations disappears.
Today will be a better day for sure! And tomorrow will be even better because it’s Ben’s birthday!!! Woot! Woot!
Hope you all aren’t nutty like me! 😉

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  • Amanda says:

    i've been nuts. my girlfriends have all been nuts. it's *nuts* month, i think. meant to get us uber-happy for *new*year*/*new*things* to come…
    …and what's most ironic: us girls don't even HAVE nuts!
    Haa haa!
    merry friday, mama.

    P.S. – a *nom*nomming* Soulie is the ultimate *mood*booster*.

    P.P.S. – happy earlieth birthday, Ben!

  • jes says:

    just came across your blog and am so enjoying it. i think i read like 10 years back last night. (so obviosly, not THAT long…) it is so inspiring and such an encouragement. thank you for sharing all your awesomeness. :))

  • Renee says:

    Hope you are having a better day today! 🙂 I don't think anybody could stay upset after seeing Soul's precious face! She sure resembles Brave in the 2nd picture…I think she has her forehead and cheeks…I know that sounds weird but when I saw that picture i instantly thought of Brave….they could be twins. 🙂 Oh yeah,love your new dollhouses you made… you always make me want to have another baby just so I can get one. :)Have a great weekend!

  • oh i love you.

    please. 🙁

  • autumn says:

    I don't typically comment but I had to on this one. I have a one year old too and my goodness I just got my period back (so TMI and I don't even care!) and I have gone off the deep end!
    Also, Soul looks so old here! She seems like she has grown up between the last post of her and this one! Crazy cute girlies.

  • Kara says:

    if you're nuts i am in the mad house. i am still learning to juggle my 4 girls after the birth of my 4th 5 weeks ago. i feel like i am on the edge of a cliff sometimes getting everyone's needs taken care of, and i am still hovering with PP hormones! YIKES!

    HUGS! You're a great mama…I love bedtime too!

    PS-soul is so delicious!!!

  • Reticella says:

    i babysit an almost 2 year old and he had started full blown tantrums for the last 2 weeks, so needless to say those weeks have been completely and utterly nuts!! but then he gives me kisses (and even does a little blog kisses) when i leave so its all okay in the end.

    he does the same exact thing as soul does with his food. stuffs his mouth until full capacity and then some!! as usual, she looks totally cute! and i agree with autumn, soul looks so much older here!

    hope youre having a better day!

  • Melissa says:

    i am nuts like you. thank you for sharing.

  • Reticella says:

    * hehe i meant blow kisses ;]

  • I feel nuts every other day. And sometimes I can't wait for my daughter to get to bed so I can have some piece and quiet. But then an hour later, I find myself missing her and have to go take a peek at her sleeping face. These kids! Soul looks so cute… such a big girl with her hair pinned away from her face.

  • Khanh says:

    at this moment, i'm nut about Soul's picture. She's all grown up in these shots and so adorable.
    happy friday Rubyellen! xoxo

  • Bella Mia says:

    This post literally made my day! haha! It was definitely not TMI I wish everyone could share more openly about stuff like this because honestly it happens to everyone! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing so honestly about your life! It's so wonderful and refreshing!

  • Mary says:

    have you seen this amazing post on we three pilgrims? it was such an encouragement to me this week (& i'm not even a mom, just a traveling/working/military wife!)!

  • HEY!
    you're not alone!

    we're all nutty, and it's good to read posts like these!

    love, mother of 2 and nutty*

  • I like what Amanda posted …December is all about being nutty…good thing is you recognize and can start with a clean slat the next day…Happy B Day to Ben 🙂

  • Bek says:

    I am exactly as nuts as you. I am recovering from a 3 day throat infection and am suffering from “mess stress” everything is SUCH a mess around here! And christmas crafting… woah. Deep breaths.

    Hope the next day is better. Enjoy Ben's bday celebrations!

  • happy birthday ben!!! you are so hard on yourself ruby… enjoy a laid back saturday!!!

  • Three.20 says:

    it happens. There are good days, and there are bad days. Thanks for sharing that 🙂

    p.s: your baby girls are all so beautiful!

  • lisa says:

    Ruby, I am nuts also since its exam time. BUT I always end up browsing my “go-to” blogs and of course you are one of them; whenever I see the girl's pictures my day brightens up! and I just HAD to let you know that Soul's face brightened up my day x10!!

  • Ingrid says:

    sorry your day was rough.. tomorrow will be better! you have such pretty girlies – soul really does look like a perfect mix between brave and true, doesn't she?

  • I really love how honest your blog is! I truly admire that. And I wish Ben has a very happy birthday!

  • Misha Lulu says:

    Don't feel bad! You should see my house now!
    I go nuts all the time too! then I regret it!

    I wish Ben a super HAPPY Birthday!!!!!

  • kendall says:

    Ha Ha! I totally understand. I'm pregnant (for the first time, yay!) and I feel like I am losing my mind. Is there something to the whole “pregnancy brain” idea? There must be.

  • Maegan says:

    Okay now I don't feel so bad…this sounds like my day but with my one girl and two wild boys!!!! My baby even threw an ornament Into the toilet! At that point I had to laugh… Thanks for being honest, it helps to relate to someone and not feel crazy!

  • Katyha says:

    I think all mummies go through that BUT I'll let you in on a secret, no one really cares if the house is messy so don't put so much pressure on yourself. Enjoy your darlings while they are young…they grow so fast, my oldest is 15 and has two years left before he leaves for uni and it feels like I blinked and he was 15. So don't worry, clean when you can, it ain't going anywhere 😛

  • mummysam says:

    it's called being a mum….:)

  • Nickie Frye says:

    Have you heard of MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)? It's a Christian mom's group. If you don't already go to one, I highly recommend it. It literally saved my life. You can go here to find one in your area:

    Anyway, I can totally relate. Trying to run a business with a 3 & 5 year old under foot is challenging. Meanwhile my husband is working three days a week & taking a full load of really hard classes. I sort of blogged about it yesterday. So needing a break.

  • Soul has changed so much! My first thought when I read this was, “Maybe Ruby is pregnant again?” 😉 I thought I was, but was very grateful to discover I'm not. I love my one year old, but I want to love only her for at least another year!

  • Sooo had/have those days. It is nutty and it is so nice to have that peace at the end of the day to reflect and say, “tomorrow will be better, I will be a calm and joyful mother tomorrow.” It doesn't always work and I do always feel like I am fighting a mess in every corner but we all go through it and that is SO nice to know. Thanks for sharing 😉

  • Megan says:

    i found your blog via smile and wave (vintage here and there) and i love it. i love mama blogs — they are my favorite. you are so super creative with what you do with your girls, i love it. it's very inspiring!

    i just want to say that since the day my daughter was born, i've felt completely nuts. i mean, you start out with hardly any sleep after just completing the most physically demanding event of your life, and then it's all down hill from there! that's sounds kind of depressing, but it's really not, it's just realistic. and us moms are happy and nuts … but nuts nonetheless.
    and it's all so completely worth it.

    i have one question about your vintage dresses — i love vintage but find taht i have trouble wearing dresses and nursing my baby. i know your a nursing mama, so what do you look for in a dress to make it so that you can nurse in it? or do you just wear dresses on date nights, etc. when you know you won't be nursing?

    love your blog, keep writing and i'll keep reading!

    ps. i am completely in love with your doll house pillows — my baby is way too young, but one day!

  • Ellen says:

    despite your hormones… I still think you are amazingly awesome. =) xoxo

  • Elizabeth says:

    Of course we are all nutty like you! We are human after all! Don't be hard on yourself – everyone has a day like that now and then. Your babies know you love them – just the way you are!

  • we're all nuts! it comes with being a woman. it drives guys crazy both in a good and a bad way. but you're only fully nuts for one day at a time, stop being so hard on yourself! you have such a beautiful family that obviously love you to pieces. soul is just divine. new day, new fun…and if it's a little nutty…better than being boring! xo


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