ready for the noise

September 19, 2014

the girlsthe girlsthe girlsthe girlsthe girlsthe girlsthe girlsthe girlsThis week, the girls have been off on vacation galavanting with my parents. We stayed in San Diego this past weekend, and my parents happened to plan a trip there for the week, so we dropped the girls off with them on Sunday night at their hotel. It’s been so quiet here and I’m getting lots done, but I miss the happy (and chaotic) noise here. We worked hard these past couple weeks to get ahead in school work to be able to allow them to go, so I’ve been using my time to catch up on projects and house stuff.

I’m learning everyday how to be a better parent. There’s always room for improvement, so I’m trying. While I do miss them, it is also a welcomed break, but I think some time off from the everyday does everyone some good from time to time. My parents still work, thus they don’t really get to spend time with the girls that often, so I’m sure they’re loving getting to shower them with love (and probably other things) for a whole week. I’m sure we will have to do a little bit of reseting when they get back, but I’m so glad they get to create memories with their grandparents. Ben had a much harder time letting them go off for a week, but he understood that I welcomed the break and that they get to enjoy their Grammy and Grumpy.

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