September 20, 2014

work in progressThis week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

I was thankful for some silence this week, but missed the girls like crazy, so we are so happy they are home now! We love hearing about all the memories they made with their Grammy and Grumpy. They were totally spoiled by them!

My felt floral creations made for the Misha Lulu Art Show are now available for purchase here.

Love chowing down on these delicious bars. It’s kind of like the Toms of food bars; you buy a bar, and they give food to a child in need.

My girls would love these doodle books. Christmas is still pretty far, but I’m thinking that they might make good stocking stuffers.

The shibori dyeing classes held at the Bloesem shop looked amazing. I love the whole Bloesem team and love watching everything they are doing from my part of the world. This class coming up looks amazing.

Thankful for some coming changes as uncomfortable as they might be.

This bag from Ms. Tips is awesome!

Thankful that after 6 days are insane temperatures, things cooled down a little.

So happy to have been able to meet Erika from Miko Design this week (she was visiting from Holland). We’ve been following each other’s blogs for several years now, and it’s so nice to actually be able to meet in person.

We have Halloween costumes figured out. Now, just gotta make them… oy!

My weekend posts have totally been off these past few weeks, but hopefully I’ll get back in the rhythm again.


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