March 5, 2016

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

This past week I’ve been reminded how life is so fragile. We have a dear friend in the hospital, along with my grandma in the hospital too. You really never know what life will bring, but we ought to be prepared to trust God because He is the only thing that is faithful. He brings peace, joy, and comfort through all circumstances. Our life is a tiny blip and we ought to not waste it.

And being reminded to not waste our life, this article by John Piper and his continuing passion to keep spreading the good news at 70 re-engergizes my heart and makes me excited for the future. Should the Lord allow me to live to the age of 70, I want to never retire from making Christ known, but may my zeal be ever resolved to keep going. The article really shifted my idea of retirement.

I want to macrame a beautiful piece like this, but first I need to learn.

This roasted artichoke looks and sounds delicious.

I want more walls filled with kid art in our home.

Grateful for new challenges … I’m speaking later today at Hope Spoken conference in Dallas, and I’m freaked out, but God is teaching me to rely on the spirit and that’s it not about me at all. Praying God uses a messy person like me for his glory!

I came early for the conference so I can hang out with some of my friends here in Dallas. I’m so thankful for friendships, and that even though you don’t see each other for awhile, things always pick up where they left off.

Excited to go home tomorrow and hear all about Ben’s week with the girls. He was flying solo this week, and this is an experience even I have never done. I left him with charts and schedules, so hopefully that made things easier for him.

It was a longer list of things and thankfulness to share this week, but I hope it leaves your heart encouraged!

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