March 13, 2016

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

My plane touched down on Sunday and I took off running; this past week has been incredibly busy. There’s a shoot at the house later this week and I’m craft styling another shoot the week after that, so there’s been lots of crafting and trying to clean at the same time. Crafting and clean are two words that don’t really go together.

How amazing is this tassel chandelier?! I would love to try and make it.

I would like to make a dress version of this coat.

I’m thinking the next birthday celebration calls for crepe cake.

Isn’t this such a beautiful vintage, crochet dress?!

Pretty golden sandals … heart eyes!

Thankful that we had some family time to go and watch a play based on Narnia.

Yay … it’s daylight savings time and we get to have more daylight!!!

I love that the girls love to follow me around and watch me when I’m working on projects. They are such little creatives. How cute is that little sign (pictured above) True made?!

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  • Jade says:

    LOVE the sign!! I’ll be there at 2:30! Its so great that you allow their imaginations to blossom! – Also, that crepe cake would go so well with your breakfast in bed tradition!!!

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