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March 7, 2016

To make our large piece of modern art, I used 2 1/2 yards of black-out lining fabric. It’s a type of fabric that goes behind curtains to block out the light, but it has a canvas feel. It’s found in the home decorating section of the fabric store, and with a coupon, I got 3 yards for $12, so it made this large painting really affordable.

I cut down the width a little, then folded down the top, and sewed a panel for the dowel to go through. I attached a string to the dowel and hung it. Then, I let the girls go to town painting. I chose the color scheme, handed each girl a bowl with some paint, gave them a designated area to paint, and they worked their magic. I put a large piece of plastic on the ground in case paint spilled, and the fabric is so thick that no paint leaked through.

We had been reading a book on modern art for our art study, so this was their own collaborative modern art piece. I love the art my kids create; I think adults tend to overthink art, and it comes so natural to kids! If you ask each one what they made, the portion they painted has a little story. Brave painted a waterfall, True made a group of fish blended together, Soul made shapes, and Glow just had fun making lines. It’s all so random in the best way possible. This big piece of art was perfect to spruce up the playroom, but it makes the perfect picture backdrop too.

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