December 16, 2010

I realize I still haven’t shared any pictures from Soul’s birthday party (ahem… christian), but I am still waiting on the pictures. Having a breakfast birthday party is pretty crazy as simple as the menu was, due to the fact the day/night before is spent hustling and bustling around, so things would be ready bright and early. Thus, Soul’s actual birth day was a blur and she didn’t get a proper birth day dinner. So after all the people were gone, the mess cleaned up, we picked up some sushi and had our own little familial celebration. Nothing fancy, really simple, just us!
Soul went to town with her little california roll and she also went to town with the frosting on her birthday cupcake. Our little Soulie is absolutely sweet like honey and you just want to eat her up!
post birthday party dinnerpost birthday party dinner
post birthday party dinner
We are so blessed by this little Soul in our life. We absolutely, positively love her to pieces!!! Hopefully, her birthday party post will come soon…
Things are crazy here as now all three girlies are sick! The older two have chest and ear infections and Soulie has a cold. Ben and I are bracing ourselves cause we are bound to get hit next, so sickies if you are gonna get us… GET US ALREADY! We want to let you in and then kick you out!
Wishing all of you healthy thoughts and hope the sickies aren’t paying your house a visit!

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