wednesday: wrap it up

December 2, 2010

wrap it up

These wrappings focused on trim, particularly rik rak and pom poms. Like all other things craft related, I hoard trim too! And all my trim isn’t organized, they are just all shoved in a basket (hidden in my little fabric closet), so you can imagine the tangled mess I have on hand. Wrapping gifts with my stash of trim is the perfect way to clean up and de-stash! I am sure you have your own tangled (maybe not tangled) basket of trim. It’s time to use it up folks!
All the gifts are wrapped in plain brown kraft paper. This first one has a piece of a map taped on and some gold poms around it.
wrap it up
This gift utilizes a torn sash of fabric, tied at the back, and both pom and rik rak.
wrap it up
All this one uses is rik rak.
wrap it up
Using trim is so simple and easy, and is really helping me clean out my messy basket! I must say, these aren’t innovative ideas. I am sure they have been done time and time again and I am by no means the originator. I am just condensing a little idea list just to utilize all those things we may already have lying around our house. So please share, what other trims do you like to use?
Places to buy trim, if you don’t hoard it like I do: darlybird, beautiful additions, the stockroom, joann
wrap it up: paper
wrap it up: yarn
Off to figure out a little birthday outfit for Soul. To sew or not to sew… that is the dilemma!

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