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January 13, 2011

True is a little craft queen. Every afternoon, once her little sisters go to nap, she says, “Mommy, I am ready to do arts and crafts now!” Today’s craft was making a quirky doll! I love quirky dolls!

This is my little fisher price doll I had when I was a baby.

dolly making day
I had my mom drag it out of the garage, so I could give it to Soulie and I love the quirkiness of it so much, we made another inspired by it!
Before we started making our doll, I had True sketch out what she wanted it to look like. Okay, so we didn’t follow her sketch exactly, but I think the main thing she wanted was a striped dress. At least, that’s what it seemed like to me when she described it.
dolly making day
I had some black and white striped fabric, which I suggested to her for the dress, but she said “No, that’s not right.” She raided my fabric stash in search of something else, until she came across one she liked and exclaimed, “This is what I was thinking!”
Alrighty then, so we proceeded. I cut and sewed, she stuffed and found the trims she liked. It takes a bit more patience working with a 4 year old, but she did pretty well and she is a good stuffer!
dolly making day
dolly making daydolly making day
We used roving wool felt for the hair, yarn for the eyes, wool felt for the lips, gingham for the body, and pretty trim and fabric for the little dress and for prettifying! At the end, True even put together a little necklace, after which, she proudly said, “Done!”
I love doing things like this with my girls, though only thing that is not as fun is the clean up afterwards! Um… maybe that can wait another day. After all, tomorrow it will be time to make one just for Brave!
p.s. True named her doll Flower Garden. Yup. Mommy and Papi naming skills for sure!

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