tacos, mini pies, and auntie heather

March 17, 2011

I hope you aren’t getting sick of all the food talk here. I am pregnant after all, so that is usually what is on my mind, and between the girls and my morning sickness, there is not much time left for crafting, so it has become all about food. Tuesday night, right before bed, I suddenly smelled tacos (my way of making them). Mind you, it was nowhere around or wasn’t cooked recently, but the smell just came to me and so did the craving. Thus, crunchy shell tacos with lean ground turkey (and loads of light sour cream) was on the menu for Wednesday night. I added a bit of hot sauce, cheese, and some greens to make the tummy happier!
tacos, pie, & auntie heather
Then earlier in the day, I saw these mini pies and knew I had to make those for dessert! I originally wanted to do pumpkin pie, but then saw the can of apple pie filling with no sugar added and thought that was a better route to go. Then, we ate ours with some vanilla ice cream. It is the easiest and cutest dessert ever! I want to have more people over pronto, just to make these cute little babies!!!
tacos, pie, & auntie heathertacos, pie, & auntie heather
tacos, pie, & auntie heathertacos, pie, & auntie heather
Wednesday was obviously a very good day food wise and what made it even better was that Auntie Heather was in town to join us (Uncle Ele came later in the evening).
tacos, pie, & auntie heather
The Nepos moved to Prescott, AZ last year and we don’t see them as often anymore, but Auntie Heather came with lots of treats from the antique stores of Prescott (those treats deserve a whole other post) and a stack full of menus from local restaurants (for Ben) that she did a darn good job convincing us that we must make it out there soon. I love the way that city sounds and already can’t wait to make Prescott our next road trip.
Another reason today was a good day is because Soulie’s fever finally broke and red little bumps appeared all over her abdomen. Now I know she had the sickies because of Roseola. Praise God she is on the mend!
Thank you Lord for very good days (and even the bad ones too)!!! How did your day go?
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