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April 1, 2011

Finally got out of the house to meet up with Danni and work on a little project together. Then, we grabbed some macarons at Paris in a Cup, some yummy lunch at Felix’s, then off to do some antiquing. I was in a search for a vintage bird bath. I came across a couple, but couldn’t make the big decision without Ben, so I passed and will drag Ben back soon. Of course every hunting adventure is not complete without bringing home a few finds (or stories). One of which is the picture below that documents us happening upon Kirsten Dunst.
antiquing and running into miss dunst
I was looking at a vendor stall when this tall lady turns around and I immediately notice who it is and I walk away towards Danni. I proceed to tell Danni who that lady is and she is in disbelief, so she goes to follow her. Sure enough, it is the actress herself and we pass her a million times while shopping. Danni and I quietly debate asking her for a photograph, but aren’t sure how to. Finally, we decide to ask her, but then she is no longer in the store. On the way back to the car, we turn the corner and lo and behold she is walking right towards us. Danni and I quietly debate again, and finally Danni asks her if she would be kind enough for a picture. We took the picture, said our thanks and that was that.
Um… can you tell my daughters are not that excited about the picture idea?!! Their faces say it all. Brave’s face is the best! But isn’t she cute in that vintage straw hat we picked up?! It is just like Madeline’s which is her favorite book character!
Today is Friday and we have lots of housekeeping stuff to do this weekend. It is work getting this house back in working order and ready for a party (my friend asked to have her wedding shower here), especially since I have been out of commission for so long due to morning sickness. Good thing the nesting drive has kicked in.
Somethings I learned this week:
– Kids are meant to be out in the fresh air and not cooped up in a house.
– Ketchup makes me really nauseous, though that is something I normally love.
– In every thing (big or small), God is weaving a bigger picture, His picture. Question is, am I paying attention to the bigger picture?
Hope you have some grand plans for the weekend! I have got the downstairs part of the house manageable, now it is time to work on the upstairs. It literally looks like an explosion!!!
Thanks for always tagging along friends!!!

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