burgers this weekend

April 4, 2011

Ben came home with a surprise Friday night. He was going to make these burgers, which I have been craving for awhile now. We substituted the steak meat for lean ground turkey and they are so good. Brave was especially lovin’ the blue cheese. That girl is going to be a cheese and wine kinda girl. Well, actually she just loves all food! The girls got teeny tiny slider versions and Ben and I got a nice hearty sized one. We even had some left over for Saturday, which this baby belly is so happy about!

burgers burgers
So happy to get lots done this weekend. There was some gardening, cleaning, and decorating, and I even took a quick cat nap Saturday afternoon. We are in the midst of doing lots of cleaning and purging and to start with we are selling this twin bed frame along with the storage baskets underneath. If you are in southern California and might be interested, send me an email. Now, I am off to do more cleaning, get this posted on craigslist (I have never used that before) (see listing on craigslist here.), and watch the season finale of Chopped.
Hope your weekend was just as productive!
*edit: thanks to readers and friends, items are sold! more things coming later!

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