blast from the past

April 4, 2011

Good golly, did things change?!!
This was True’s nursery. Totally girly, shabby chic, and floral! I still love all that floral, but Ben didn’t so much.
True's baby room in our old house
Then we moved and everything got passed down to Brave (and some things didn’t quite make it in), and this was her room. See more here.
Brave's room
Now, I am in the process of finally changing it up for Soul. Yeah. I know, there is another one coming and you think I should change it for that little one, am I right? Not quite yet. That little one will be stuck in our room for at least the first 6 months (maybe longer depending if I can let go or not cause this will be my last one after all). Thus, Soul will get her room that will be all hers. When the time is right, the baby will move in with her and then the room will get another face lift.
I saved everything from True’s nursery and now it is time to let go of it. If interested (and in socal), see this crib bedding listing here and this vintage rocking chair here. I am also getting rid of safety stair gates that were never used, so you can see that here. If you are not local, send me a message and we could figure out shipping, but it is a bit heavy. I always wanted to hold onto these things, but they haven’t been used, so I would much rather them go somewhere else where they will be just as treasured, loved, and used!
Spring cleaning is fun, isn’t it?

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