August 29, 2015

tomato love #cakiesgardenThis week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

I’m thankful for conquering some new challenges!

I’ve got a preschooler, kindergartner, third and fourth grader now. We all survived the first week of school… whew!

I recently got this shirt from the Gap and I’ve worn it about 3 times this week. It’s a comfy tee!

We thought we almost settled on a bed frame, but we didn’t like it from person (it was from Restoration Hardware), and we aren’t wild about the West Elm ones anymore (afraid it’ll look too bulky in a king), so we are stuck and the search continues. We love this one, but not sure if that’s where we want to put all our pennies. I think this one will do, but Ben doesn’t like the legs. If anyone has any suggestions of where to find a simple modern bed frame, please do share.

These size 7 vintage sandals from Ms. Tips are so cute!

All the kids extra curricular activities start this week, so things are going to get extra busy around here.

This past month, I’ve watched Storm Surfers, DamNation, Tracks, and Antartica: A Year on Ice on Netflix and they were all so fascinating. It just pointed me back to the glorious God who created all of these things for our enjoyment. The earth is such a beautiful place!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend friends!


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